Screw connections play a very important role in industry. If the load applied to the screw is, for example, too small, the risk of looseness increases, and at the same time the service life of the sealing joint is reduced. On the contrary, if the load applied to the screw is too high, screws become overtightened or the sealing material becomes excessively compressed, which leads to the failure of the sealing joint. And every failure always costs too much!

To avoid this, we at Eckert Maschinenbau und Industrieservice GmbH apply a controlled screw connection method called bolting. This is a fast, reliable and very accurate method, when all screw connection works, including torque or pre-tightening techniques, are performed reliably and under absolute control. 

We offer the following bolting services:

  • planning, execution and control of all screw connection processes 
  • pre-tightened screw connections
  • torque-tightened screw connections
  • calculation of torques and pre-tightening forces
  • documentation and logging of screw connection processes
  • etc.

We are always at your disposal and will gladly provide information and answers to any questions – please contact us at or call +494141 46664!