When sealing large leaks, in most cases the so-called casings are used. These are protective chambers that, in combination with the appropriate sealant, reliably protect leaking areas. The sealant of course must correspond to the material of the pipeline and the medium used. In standard situations prefabricated structural units are employed. In special cases suitable “casings” are made individually in the shortest possible time. 

This method makes it possible to reliably repair leaks not only in the pipes system, but also in pipelines, valves, tanks and ships. 

When this method of leakage sealing is employed, the medium used plays rather a secondary role. The scope of application covers media from water to condensate, gases, acids, alkaline media up to salts. 

Since this option for leakage sealing is applied without stopping the production process, it protects against excessive costs that could arise from an early shutdown. 

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