What is a successful company? Profitable business? Experience? Strong leadership? Or customer focus?

At Eckert Maschinenbau und Industrieservice GmbH we know for sure that a successful company is more than just a profitable business. Our priority is customer satisfaction. Therefore, we always try to learn and understand the needs of our customers and offer them individual, appropriate and innovative solutions. We perceive our customers as valuable partners who always encourage us to develop new solutions, methods, machines and techniques, as well as expand our range of services and customers pool. Thanks to this corporate policy, Eckert Maschinenbau und Industrieservice GmbH can trace back its more than 30 years of history.

Eckert Maschinenbau und Industrieservice GmbH is indeed a very young company, founded in February 2020. However, it has been established as the successor of two successful companies, that’s why, despite its young age, its experience is more than 30 years. Both Metallbohrtechnik and Bröcker und Becker Maschinenbau GmbH has been successfully working in the field of engineering, mobile cutting with chip removal and industrial maintenance for more than 30 years. Let us take a quick look at the most important events in the history of these two companies.

First in 2018 Jürgen Hering sold Metallbohrtechnik to Alex Eckert as part of the inheritance process.

Key events in the history of Metallbohrtechnik:

  • In 1972 Lothar Fritsche founded Fritsche Metallbohrtechnik individual enterprise in Neuenkirchen.
  • In 2003 the company was purchased by Jürgen Hering.
  • In 2018 the company was sold to Alex Eckert as part of the inheritance by age process.

Metallbohrtechnik is a well-known company in Germany, specializing primarily in the maintenance of industrial customers. In 2019 the company expanded its services range and began to offer services in the field of leakage sealing and industrial maintenance.

In 2020 Bröcker und Becker Maschinenbau GmbH was inherited.

Key events in the history of Bröcker und Becker Maschinenbau GmbH:

  • In 1983 the company was founded by Ewald Bröcker and Klaus- Wilhelm Becker in Stade.
  • In 1994 Mr. Bröcker went to well-deserved retirement and left the company.
  • In 2003, as a result of continuous growth and development of the cutomers pool, the company moved to a new modern production workshop.
  • In 2020 Eckert Maschinenbau und Industrieservice GmbH was purchased as part of the company ingeritance process.

Bröcker und Becker Maschinenbau GmbH has been offering precise manufacturing on special order since 1983. Over time, the company began to specialize primarily in the manufacture of individual parts and assemblies for pumps, construction machines, mechanized devices of any kind, pump shafts, split rings, bushings, flanges, parts for heat exchangers, etc.

Both companies are highly experienced in their service areas and are able to quickly and correctly fulfill all customer requirements. The interaction and sharing the experience between the two companies allowed us to tremendously expand not only the range of services, but also the range of possibilities for flexible, efficient and professional solutions to your problems. So, if you are looking for a reliable expert company who has gain a great reputation for many years of successful work with customers and their satisfaction, we are always at your disposal.

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