Repair and installation works, reconstruction of piping systems are most often very costly and complex. First of all, this is because pipes must first be emptied, and after the works completion – re-filled, ventilated, warmed up or re-commissioned. Pipeline freezing helps maintain critical piping systems without the need for costly emptying of affected pipes. At that, temporary closure of the desired pipeline section without stopping the production process is ensured, which makes it possible to carry out repairs in the subsequent system. 

Typically, CO2 or liquid nitrogen are used for freezing. In this way, the transported medium can be quickly frozen even under operating pressure in an appropriate place. This creates a kind of plug that reliably blocks the flow of medium through the pipe.

When freezing, the type of medium and the material of the pipeline should be taken into account. The medium to be frozen must contain components suitable for freezing (e.g. water). The pipeline material must also be suitable for freezing. Additionally, the following requirements must be met:

  • lack of flow in the pipeline freezing section 
  • the pipe must be completely filled with a medium to be frozen
  • lack of welds in the immediate freezing area
  • enough space for mounting the freezing device 

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