Today, the use of heat exchangers is not limited to only one industrial area. They are found in a wide variety of sectors and applications. Due to high and miscellaneous loads in energy, steel, food and chemical industries, as well as in heating and ventilation plants and air conditioners, heat exchangers often lose tightness, become dirty or clogged with deposits or completely fail due to damage of components. Such downtime of a heat exchanger can have adverse effects on the current production process and is always associated with high costs. In such emergency situations the critical role is played by speed, flexibility, efficiency and professionalism. Our team of experienced professionals offers you all these. We carry out all works in the field of heat exchangers maintenance, for example:

  • installation, maintenance and servicing 
  • purchase and installation of suitable spare parts
  • cleaning from deposits
  • clogging elimination 
  • leaks search
  • leaks elimination 
  • application of corrosion protection
  • troubleshooting 
  • etc.

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